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Muskie, Musky Or Muskellunge

Cast After Cast But The Reward Is Unforgettable 

Lake of the Woods has some of the worlds best Muskie fishing. This massive body of water has an endless amount of structure, endless forage, and a population that is thriving. Spending most of my time on the water in Sabaskong Bay, I will also fish west of Morson and north to Miles Bay. Also spending time in the clear water of Whitefish Bay that is very well known for fat chunky fish. 

My back yard Growing up has always been the ultra clear water of Crow(Kakagi) Lake. Crow lake has some of the fattest and healthiest fish in the whole area. The clear water can be challenging at times but post spawn and fall time is best on Crow Lake.

Other areas are Dogpaw Lake and Kishkutena Lake. 

Early Season Muskies

Starting the third Saturday of June season opens and we can start chucking lures for these illusive toothy predators. During this time of year throwing smaller lures seems to be key. #5 Mepps or equivellent, smaller jerk baits and top water baits are clipped on my line at all times early season. Casting shallow weed flats or shallow rocky shoreline with weeds are where they hang out after the spawn.

All season long Muskies will still hang in these areas but most will move on to other areas following the forage.

Summer Time Musky's

During the middle of July the Musky's will start hanging on more open water structure as the water temps rise. Rocky points, reefs, of any rock structure with weeds. By early August the water temp can be in the high 70's. Throwing top water, mid to larger size bucktails, glide baits/jerkbaits are always seem to work depending on the day. The August full moon can be a great time to take advantage of some very active fish. We will keep fishing areas like this into late September.

Fall Time Muskellunge

It's time to put the feed bag on! This is when the die hard guys spend time trying to catch a true Muskellunge that we all dream of. Trolling big baits, casting big rubber baits and finessing them huge sucker minnows are go to tactics in the fall. The worse the weather the better the fishing will be and once the water temperature hits 45 degrees the fishing will be on fire. This period is normally a very short window because "Old Man Winter" is right around the corner. 


8 Hour Trips

Guide, boat and fishing equipment

$650.00 max 3 people

4 Hour Trips

Guide, boat and fishing equipment

$450.00 max 3 people

A deposit of 20% is required at time of booking.

Prices are in US Funds and do not include 13% tax and fishing licenses.

Good Hook Sets 

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